Public Education: Call to Action

Call to Action: Our Children Deserve Better

“Education is a right, not a “nice to have”. We must fund the schools at a level to educate every child.”

Update on DRIVE Team’s support for School Finance Reform

Thanks to everyone who attended the May 10 public education rally at CCB.   Thanks also to those who signed commitment cards and to those who agreed to seek additional commitments from friends, neighbors and colleagues at work.  We will be receiving completed cards throughout the summer. Additional cards are available in Fellowship Hall.

A significant number of the approximately 1,000 returned cards include written comments expressing support for public education and the need for adequate and equitable funding.  Here are samples of the cards returned:

  • Our state needs to care about the children of this state. When I grew up, my parents made a commitment to me to have a better life than they did.  Education is imperative. 
  • Please value the need for all students to obtain an equitable education. Education is the great equalizer, makes futures bright and dreams come true.  Please support our students!
  • Our state ranking of our educational system performance is embarrassing and deeply disturbing. As a grandfather, I value an excellent education for my grandkids as a top priority.
  • My work as an education professor takes me all over the country. I am profoundly aware of MI’s steady decline in so many aspects, including educational policy and student learning outcomes.  The time is long past for change.  The time has come for investing fully in our children and our future.
  • As a child of a 42-year public school teacher, I have been witness to the systemic destruction of a used to be a strong, financially healthy institution, providing for our children and youth a necessary foundation which our county needs.
  • When teachers have to subsidize their districts for student achievement; when the PTA has to “donate” a pallet of paper; when everyone acknowledges there isn’t enough funding in public education but the legislature votes to increase funding to private and charter schools; it becomes very apparent that those currently in office are NOT representing the general electorate but rather private interests and do not deserve to be reelected “to serve the public trust”.
  • Get it together! We cannot continue with the current direction.  Change is needed!

For more information about the School Finance Study please check out the website,

“…Education is imperative…”


View the video summary of the Michigan School Finance Research Collaborative

Additional Commitment Forms available at the church ‘drop box’ or download here CommitmentCard (pdf):

Commitment Card

Return completed Commitment Forms at the box at the Congregational Church of Birmingham, UCC, 1000 Cranbrook Road, Bloomfield Hills,

Forum Background

  • By all measures, Michigan schools are failing our children.
  • The recent report from the Michigan School Finance Research Collaborative provides a roadmap for a better future for our schools, our teachers and our children.
  • Learn more about the report from leaders who led this study including Dr. Randy Liepa, Superintendent of the Wayne County Regional Education Agency; Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson, Superintendent Oakland Schools; and Doug Maibach, Chairman of Barton-Malow Enterprises.
  • Join faith communities and other who care about Michigan’s future to build grass roots support for improving our schools.
  • Meet current and prospective legislators who will be charged with improving education.


“Michigan K-12 performance dropped at an alarming rate.”    – Bridge Magazine

Michigan is dead last among states in improvement in math and reading between 2003 and 2015, according to an analysis of data from the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP). (Bridge Magazine March 1, 2018)

M-STEP state standardized test:

  • 22% of seventh-graders were deemed proficient in science,
  • 21% of fifth-graders were proficient in social studies, and
  • 15% of fourth-graders were proficient in science.

A Public Education Forum sponsored by the DRIVE Team at The Congregational Church of Birmingham, UCC