Solar NOW! @ CCB

Announcing the ‘Reach for the Sun’ Solar Fundraising Campaign.

Our members have long shown that they care deeply about God’s Creation – our planet earth and the environment – which has been entrusted to our care.

Toward that end, we have planned a 15kW solar power system to be installed on the roof over Fellowship Hall.

A ‘down payment’ of $8,736 has been provided by Richard Fowler in memory of his wife Marilyn.  The remaining $34,884 – from a total cost of $43,680 – will be raised through a ‘Buy a Panel’ offer @ $750 per panel (even payable over 3 years).

Buy one panel – or multiple.   Make a gift in any amount.  Make your gift ‘In Honor’ of a child, memorial or similar).

We will own the system and can take pride in our commitment.

Want a preview now?  See Richard Fowler and the 1st Methodist Ferndale solar array on YouTube

Listen to member testimonies:  Our (Green) Future


This is our opportunity to make a visible statement to Protect God’s Creation and demonstrate the commitment to lessen the impact of climate change and create a legacy for generations to follow.

The Green Ministry

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