Worship in The Gardens!

Outdoor Worship begins Sunday, June 10, and continues through Labor Day.  Come worship under the trees – weather permitting of course!

Summer Theme:   Jesus [de-mystified, redefined, for you, for me, for now]

Other Music:  “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbalm &  “Amazing Grace” to the tune “House of the Rising Sun”

7/15/18        “Humus of Humanity”      Mark 4:1-20     “Between God and the Hard Place” or “Humus Me”

7/22/18          VBS Theme

7/29/18        “Sell Fish or Giving Bread?”     John 6:1-15

8/5/18          “Undesirable Jesus”      John 1:43-50

8/12/18       “Crumby Treatment”        Mark 7:24-29

8/19/18         “Jesus Turns the Tables”        Mark 7:1-13

8/26/18           “Energy Epidemic”      Mark 7:14-23 & Eph. 4:29-32

9/2/18           “Help Wanted”       Matthew 9:35-38