Solar Program: Report Card


14,578 kWH = 27% = $1,500 Savings (or 568 Trees Planted)

It’s been over 13 months since CCB has gone solar, so this is a good time to check in on how our system is performing.

The Solar Team has been carefully monitoring the array’s performance since it went online in August 2018.  We are pleased to announce that in the first 12 months of operation, the system has generated 14,578 kilowatt-hours of electricity, providing over 27% of the total power our facility has consumed during this timeframe.  The resulting electric utility savings is over $1,500.  Due to some unforeseen equipment faults experienced in April and May of this year, total solar energy output was slightly lower than what was estimated.  These faults have been corrected and the system was back to full production by early June.  We are confident that without the equipment issues, solar generation would have accounted for around 30% of our total consumption.

The environmental benefits of consuming less fossil fuel-generated electricity are significant.  In CCB’s case, the solar energy we have generated during this first year has reduced over 22,100 pounds of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the environment   This is equivalent to planting 568 trees.  A community effort to conserve energy and produce clean electric power is necessary if we are to effectively address climate change.  Thanks to you, we are making a difference.

(Please contact Steve Payer if you have questions or would like to review the data in detail.)

Solar Program Celebration:  see the video!

CCB-UCC is now an energy producer, providing electricity for our own operations as well as supporting the grid!  And our planet Earth, all God’s Creation, says Thank You!

Visit the Sun Garden via video:

Solar Array Specifications

15 kW Grid-Tied System

Solar Panels: GCL 325watts Panels (48)

Inverter: Solar Edge Inverters (3)

Solar Edge Optimizers (48) (For Module Level Monitoring)

Unirac Roof Mount Racking (ballast)

Launch:  August 13, 2018  (inverters connected to the power grid)