Advent 2018 – “God’s Improbable Gift”

Advent 2018 – “God’s Improbable Gift”

12-9-18   “Stirring the Spirit” 

We wait and watch and work during an eternal Advent for the ways God will become at one with us in more and more ways.  We seek to follow the Spirit’s guidance.  Inspired by the Spirit, we work with others to act, to save, to forgive, to enjoy.  While it is dark we work for the justice that God’s love demands.

12-16-18            The Voices of Christmas by Joseph M. Martin             Cantata

12-23-18   “Being Love”               

God’s gift is not just a baby but a grown-up Jesus who teaches us to embody the love that God showed us in Jesus’ life.  Jesus has love big enough for our grown-up problems.  Emmanuel is “God with us.” God declares we are good by being at one with us.  How are we becoming the God we love?

12-24-18    Christmas Eve      

          5PM–Candlelight Family & Piano Service

          9PM–Candlelight Choir & Organ Service

12-30-18     “Maybe Stars”                                 

The new year starts in the dark.  From Abraham to Job, from the psalms to the Wise Ones and the falling star of the old year, God sends Jesus before us into the new year and into the new heaven and earth we cannot see from here.  No matter how cynical we might be, maybe the stars (Bobby Jo Valentine) might change our minds like they did for generations before us.  Sailors who discovered a round planet, and broken hearts who have found faith in the fox hole where only stars can be seen from those deep, dark places.