Winter 2019 – Epiphany – Surprised By…

Winter 2019     Epiphany Theme: Surprised By… 

1-20-19 ​  “Surprised by the Request”

What is God asking you to do that has caught you off guard?  Jesus is surprised by his mother’s request, but her asking turns into an opportunity.  Chaos becomes blessing. 

1-27-19  “Surprised by Rejection”

Jesus goes home to share his call from God to bring love, healing, justice, and hope to all people.  Will the negative responses of those close to us keep us from being close to the message of God we follow in our hearts?  Are we staying quiet for fear of rejection?  Can we follow Jesus without fear even when it may mean rejection by our peers?   

2-3-19​  “Surprised by the Call” 

God does not dial wrong numbers.  No one gets to hang up on the call from God to be a messenger in our day to day lives.  No one is too young OR too old.  We are all enough in God’s eyes.  The phone is for you! 

2-10-19 ​  “Surprised by the Possibilities” 

“We tried that once, it didn’t work.”  Ministry is not a recipe.  Jesus calls us to let go of our expectations, our formulas, and even the way we have always done things.  We may be surprised by grace.  Abundance is nearby.  Are we open to the possibilities as a congregation, as individuals, as people who follow God incarnate in a renegade, Jesus? 

2-17-19   “Surprised by the Reversals” 

What you expect is not what you get.  Jesus keeps putting the top of the heap on the bottom, the weak in charge of the strong, the curse becomes a blessing.   

2-24-19​  “Surprised by Forgiveness”

Good can come out of evil and tragedy.  We can find love and relationship when we reveal who we really are and forgive and let go of all the negative experiences in our past.  Let’s live into the goodness that God has put in our path and repair the relationships.  Only the vulnerability of Joseph’s revelation can bring reconciliation and healing. 

3-3-19  “Surprised by the Reflection”

Where is God?  Where is the Spirit of Jesus?  Look in the mirror!