We are Education Advocates in Lansing… and in the classrooms in Pontiac….

We’re proud that CCB members are providing valuable service in the Pontiac Schools.  Tuesday, October 1, we began our after school “Homework Club” at Owen Elementary School.  We meet with the children 4:15-5:30 PM every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you’d like to join this team, contact Lynn Wilsher.

Additionally, a growing team is helping out during the day at Whitman School.  Cynthia Martin helps in a Kindergarten class two days a week, and Pat Parker is organizing a team tutoring 3rd graders on Monday afternoons, 1-3:00 PM.  This is a great opportunity to help children who aren’t reading up to grade level.  Sit with the student, listen and help with reading, vocabulary and comprehension.  There’s a car pool from CCB.  If you’d like to participate, contact Pat Parker.

More volunteers are always welcome.