Different from the Others

LGBT Pride Month Special Film Event:  Silent Film to be presented with live accompaniment on piano.

Once banned …and lost …now found.

On the 100th anniversary of the first pro-gay film in the world…

Different from the Others

Different from the Others (German: Anders als die Andern, literally ‘Other than the Others’) is a German film produced during the Weimar Republic. When first released in June,1919, the film was intended as a polemic against the then-current laws under Germany’s Paragraph 175, which made homosexuality a criminal offense.  It is believed to be the first pro-gay film in the world. 

Shortly after the premiere, conservative groups started to protest and disturb the public screenings. This initiated an extensive public debate on censorship. Within a year specific censorship provisions for films were approved by legislators and a ban was placed on public screenings. The film was allowed to be shown only in private and to medical professionals and, later, was amongst the many “decadent” works burned by the Nazis after they came to power in 1933.

The version available now was reconstructed from fragments and runs 50 minutes.

Edmund Price to accompany this silent film on the piano.

Discussion following.

June 7  –  Friday  –  7 PM        

No charge for admission; free will offerings accepted o