Our Future Church! Meet Our Future Church Coach…

Meet Our Future Church Coach during our Zoom Fellowship Hour this Sunday, October 18, after worship at 11:15 AM.  Rev. Dr. Paul Nixon will discuss how new generations look to 21st century Christianity for spiritual transformation, relevancy, and compassion.  As the founder of the Epicenter Group, Rev. Nixon has a long and vast experience coaching churches on ways to reach out to people rather than to just promote the church as a faith institution.  He has been hired by the CCB leadership to guide us in imagining relevant and engaging ministries for our church so that we can thrive in the future.  Rev. Nixon will coach us in building consensus on the actions we need to embrace for moving forward in a sustainable way.  Next Friday-Sunday, October 23-25, Rev. Nixon will visit CCB to get to know us better, lead small group discussions on future possibilities for our church, and challenge us with a few pointed questions.

Join the Zoom with Re. Dr. Paul Nixon


Today’s Zoom Hour is an opportunity for all of us to meet Rev. Nixon, appreciate his vision, and understand his coaching process.  Please join us in this Zoom conversation marking the beginning of our discernment process to map out our church’s future ministry.

Over the next year we will be exploring ‘What is church’? 

What is our church DNA? 

What is most important that we maintain to remain true to our faith and values?

Join us as we explore our future with the Rev. Dr. Paul Nixon our coach from The Epicenter Group at an on-site consultation October 23-25.

It’s your turn to speak and be heard!

When we asked children “What does the church mean to you?” Lucy responded. “A Place of Love”.

View the ‘Start the Journey’ video.

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Future Church Guidance Team

Cynthia Martin Margherita Fisher, Ben Langhorst, Cathy Rupert, Pat Parker, Steve Olson, Sam Srauy, Amy Young