Lent 2020 – Welcome to Jesus’ story – where we all belong!

Welcome to Jesus’ story – where we all belong!

Welcome pilgrims seeking to walk with Jesus into these stories over the next six weeks.

The events of Jesus’ Passion during the last week of Jesus’ life don’t often receive enough time in our worship time together.  These stories are important to our faith journey and our identity as followers of Jesus.  And yet we often move so quickly from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday with little time to take in the dramatic story of that last week.  During these next six weeks of Lent we will “freeze-frame” moments in Holy Week so we might PUT OURSELVES IN THE PICTURE, and thereby, “Enter the Story, the Passion of Jesus.”  Each Sunday we will see an art piece which depicts the story, experience a tableau of our members, and hear a monologue which puts us in the story with Jesus.  How might taking a closer look at the ancient story, open us to deeper conviction for our role in the ongoing message?

Click image to view short video.

Every Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning you have the opportunity to learn with Professor Levine during 10 minute video clips.  Class exercises, scripture exploration and conversation will ensue. This will prepare us to enter more fully into the worship story every Sunday.  These same videos will be available in the Conference Room to view at 11:30am after worship.   (Inspired by AJ Levine’s book)

The Worship Schedule:

Ash Thursday (delay due to the snow event !) – Preparing the Canvas

Walk the Labyrinth (7pm) – before or after the Worship Service

February 27, 7:30pm

Week 1 – The Parade: Risking Reputation

March 1, 10am with Holy Communion

Week 2 – The Temple: Risking Righteous Anger

March 8, 10am

Week 3 – The Teaching: Risking Challenge

March 15, 10am

Week 4 – The Anointing: Risking Rejection

March 22, 10am

Week 5 – The Footwashing: Risking the Loss of Friends

March 29, 10am with Holy Communion

Week 6 – The Garden: Risking Temptation and Death

April 5, 10am

The Study Schedule:

Entering the Passion Video – Week 1: The Parade

Tues. 6:30pm/Wed.10am, Feb. 25/26

Entering the Passion Video – Week 2: The Temple

Tues. 6:30pm/Wed.10am, Mar. 3/4

Entering the Passion Video – Week 3: The Teaching

Tues. 6:30pm/Wed.10am, Mar. 10/11

Entering the Passion Video – Week 4: The Anointing

Tues. 6:30pm/Wed.10am, Mar. 17/18

Entering the Passion Video – Week 5: The Footwashing

Tues. 6:30pm/Wed.10am, Mar. 24/25

Entering the Passion Video – Week 6: The Garden

Tues. 6:30pm/Wed.10am, Mar. 31/Apr. 1