Blessing of the Animals
Outdoor Service on 
Sunday, June 21, 2015, 10:00 AM

Pets Welcome!  All Summer!    

Well-Mannered Dogs and Cats on leashes are Welcome all summer at our outdoor worship services!  
Summer worship services are held under a grove of the majestic trees (weather permitting).

The Michigan Animal Rescue League Needs You! 
Collection for the Dogs & Cats:  June 14

The Board of Outreach will be collecting much-needed items for MARL on Sunday, June 14th. 

Here's a list of what they need the most: 
Dry and canned cat and kitten food: Purina, Friskies, or Science Diet 
Canned dog food: Pedigree 
Dry dog food: Pedigree, Science Diet, or Purina 
Cleaning supplies: Bleach, detergent, and paper towels 
Gas cards: Any brand 
Gift cards: Pet Supplies Plus 

Ferndale Pride   2015 

What a day! As we demonstrated our support for marriage equality!

Check out the great ‘wedding’ photos on our Facebook page (before the rains came!)

Worship   10:00 am

Summer 2015 - Pentecost
Wind in the Trees: Rooted and Reaching

“Roadside Sweetness”
John 14:18-26; 16:12-13
The Sugar Maple 
“Cultivated Community” 
Luke 3:6-9
The Sycamore Fig Tree
“Resistance is Fertile” 
Romans 12:1-21
The Aspen Tree
“Fire Required”
Job 14:7-9
The Jack Pine Tree
“The Answer Is Blowin’ in the Wind”
Genesis 1:1-8
The Apple Tree
“Circle of Life” 
Mark 4:1-9 (10-20)

The Pear Tree
“Nothing Comes From Nothing”  
Matthew 12:33-37
The Orange Tree

Pat & Emilia: A Mixed-Media Chamber Opera 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 7:00 PM 

The Congregational Church of Birmingham will present a Michigan performance of the new mixed-media chamber opera, Pat & Emilia, based on the lives of two Windsor, Ontario artists—photographer Pat Sturn (1910-2011) and opera singer Emilia Cundari (1930-2005).  Called “an inventive and provocative collaboration,” Pat & Emilia is a celebration of new music, traditional opera, prose, theatre, journalism, historical/archival research, photography, and the experiences of women.
Featuring Tara Sievers-Hunt, soprano; Jocelyn Zelasko, soprano; Mary Siciliano, piano; Velda Kelly, violin; Nadine Deleury, cello; and Brian Bowman, clarinet.

Gun Safety, Regional Mass Transit, and Advocacy
Tuesday, June 9, 7:00-8:30 pm

The Metro Coalition of Congregations will present short, informational talks on Gun Safety for Children and New Opportunities for Mass Transit.  Come learn about these subjects and opportunities for education and advocacy about gun safety and mass transit.

First United Methodist Church of Birmingham, 1589 W. Maple Road, Birmingham, 48009

Jogs for Justice

Runners, on your mark!  CCB has two upcoming runs for Justice.  The first run is the Rainbow Run on May 30th and is part of the Ferndale Pride festivities (register at  Mama Liz is already registered.  The second run is the Detroit World Vision 6k for Water at Kensington Metropark on August 15th (register at  Mary Perrin and Mama Liz are registered as individual runners.  Join us for both events.  Run like the wind!

Quiet Time

A quiet time for reflection, prayer or meditation before the worship service. 

Drop in Sunday mornings between 9:30 am and 9:55 am in the Arlund Room.

Leading in Social Justice Advocacy...

“Where there is no vision the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)

This is a new day! We want to come together for the common good in our Greater Detroit region.

Over the last 60 years Metro Detroit’s transit systems have not been best in class. Our current system is not sufficient; many good employees have difficulty getting to their jobs. Many companies face constant turnover, which, of course means time and money.

The Metropolitan Coalition of Congregation (MCC) Transit Task Force was formed because young adults in our congregations insisted that we take this urban and economic challenge seriously, and we heard them! We decided we needed to find allies in local government and the business community who would work with us to bring about change, and we found them! MCC and our Leadership Team planned and organized two regional transit summits to enable deeper engagement with the newly formed RTA as they begin to plan a transit system that supports jobs, healthcare, educational opportunity and economic development.

The summits attracted more than 400 people eager to learn about transit in Metro Detroit. We hope the summits inspire individuals, organizations and institutions to get involved in the transit planning process by hosting or attending a community meeting in your neighborhood, workplace or place of worship with Michael Ford and the RTA. We also hope you’ll join the Detroit Clergy Gathering (DCG) or the Metro Coalition of Congregations to help us continue to build a dynamic and engaged alliance with leaders from the four-county region.

Summary Report of the Harriet Tubman’s Regional Transit Summits

Shown:  Michael Ford and Paul Hillegonds

Our Capital Journey continues…

Projects complete: Sanctuary roof, parking lot and kitchen refurbishment with new stoves and ovens.    

Our current contributions total over $450,000!

Next projects up:  further replacement of roofs, necessary repairs to exterior brick walls, upgrades to the Arlund Room and more.

Thanks to all and also to our CapIT Committee for their dedication and perseverance! 

Visit Capital Journey as we travel on.

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