Explore... Empower... and Engage
....in God's Possibilities.

Our Mission

The mission of the Congregational Churhc of Birmingham, UCC, is the Three E's. We Explore, Empower and Engage in God's Possibilites.

Our Goals

  • Create experiences that reveal God in our lives (Spiritual Discovery)
  • Build genuine relationships with God and one another (Nurture and Care)
  • Put resources of the church to work for God's mission (Develop Resources)
  • Hear God's call to the world and dive in deeply (Community Connections)

Join us for the journey. Add your stories to ours!

Listen up!
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Worship 10:00 am

3-5-14 Syrophoenician/Caananite Woman
Mk. 7:24-30
"Fierce Faith Makes a Friend" (Ash Wednesday)

3-9-14 Peter
Matthew 14:28-30; 16: 15-16, 21-23; 18:21;
26:31-35; 69-75
"Some Friends are Loud"

3-16-14 Martha
Luke 10:38-42; John 11:1-6, 17-22

3-23-14 Thomas
John 14:1-7 & Thomas Logion 13

3-30-14 Mary Magdalene
(Dialogue Sermon: Pastor Louise & Kim Newport)

4-6-14 Judas
Luke 22:3-6: John 13:21-26; Luke 22:47-48,
Matthew 27:3-5

4-13-14 Palm Sunday to Good Friday – Pilate
Matthew 27:11-26
Brunch Bash and Zoo Cruise

4-20-14 “God’s Graceland”
Mark 18:1-8 & John 1:14-18
Easter Sunday

Green Screen Film Series "Our Daily Bread" April 24th 7pm - 9pm Fellowship Hall
Our Daily Bread offers a shocking look at how food is produced and how food production companies use technology to maximize efficiency and profit. Without using words, the film allows the viewer to form their own opinions through the use of sounds of machinery, conveyor belts at a chicken factory, and the motor of a plane spraying pesticides.

Affirmations Faith Alliance Film Series Monday April 28th at 7 pm
Call Me Malcolm is an amazing story of the human spirit and the liberating struggle to realize and express with confidence the marvelous gift of one's truest sense of self. Call Me Malcolm offers us a glimpse into the real lives of real people who are transgender. The good news of Malcolm's story is the way in which shame and fear are overcome by grace, compassion and knowledge. Viewers cannot help but come to a deeper understanding of faith, love, and gender identity, and by doing so, arrive at a deeper understanding of their own journey.

Affirmations Faith Alliance Film Series 290 W 9 Mile Rd Ferndale, MI 48220

Annual Rummage Sale - April 29 - 30

  • Tuesday 4/29 - Opening Night 5-8 pm - 25% mark-up
  • Wednesday 4/30 - 11-3 pm Regular Sale; 3-5 pm Bag Sale

Congregational Church of Birmingham
1000 Cranbrook Road, Bloomfield Hills (Corner of Woodward/Cranbrook)
No Strollers, Please (very tight quarters)

Comma Conversation "Would you be a Sower for CCB?" Sunday May 4 in the Arlund Room
On Sunday, May 4, 2014, we will honor our Sowers and celebrate our Endowment Fund. Following worship our own Lucy Benham will lead our Comma Conversation: The Importance of Having a Will. You may think you are too young or not wealthy enough to need a will, but even a simple will is an important protection for your family. Please plan on joining the discussion

The Sowers Society at CCB was founded in 1998 to honor CCB members who have made a provision for CCB in their estate planning or have made a lifetime gift of $5,000, or more, to the Endowment Fund. The members of this group are recognized on a plaque which hangs in Fellowship Hall. If you would like more information about becoming a Sower, please contact Lucy Benham, Rob Vibbert, or Shirley Fogarty.

Spring Stockup for Lighthouse May 4th - June 1st
The Lighthouse Food Pantry in Pontiac provides food to approx 650 needy families each month. Right now, food donations are critically low and the need is as great as ever. Help fill the shelves by bringing a bag of food to church each Sunday from Easter to Pentecost.

Running from May 4th to June 1st, we will have a month long collection for Lighthouse, with a different theme, each week that will be found in the weekly bulletin and Friday email. Items include: peanut butter, mac-n-cheese, jelly, pasta sauce, tomatoes, beans, personal items (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bars of soap, maxi pads, etc.) or even money.

The Outreach committee's focus will be in getting the whole congregation involved by bringing in items, sorting and boxing items up and counting how much we have collected. Please consider participating throughout this event to make it a success.

CCB has gone ‘Single Stream'
In a single-stream system, consumers place clean recyclables in a single container for pickup, no longer needing to separate paper, plastic, glass and metal. These comingled materials are separated at the single-stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) through the use of magnets, screens, optical scanners and manual sorting. What is meant by ‘clean' recyclables? While materials do not need to be sanitized, they should be rinsed. Dirty containers contaminate paper recyclables which must then be diverted to the landfill. So please rinse.

Pretty simple, right? Paper + Glass + Plastic + Metal...ALL go in ONE container

And the Journey Continues: Over $234,000 of our Capital Journey pledges have already been received! Wow! We are poised to move forward. An implementation task force is being formed, and a mechanical engineering firm has been hired to analyze our heating system and make recommendations for improvements. As a next step, an architectural/engineering firm will be hired to provide input for our overall path forward, with a first phase of renovation beginning as early as this summer. Thanks to all of you for your faithfulness!
Keeping and Gathering Capital Journey Website

Congregational Church of Birmingham, UCC