The Congregation…

Our Sabbatical Journey:  The Congregation…

The Grant – We are delighted to receive the $50,000 grant from the Eli Lilly Corporation as part of the Christian Theological Seminary’s Clergy Renewal Program. While most of the grant ($35K) supports the Pastor’s renewal plan, the balance ($15K) provides the funding for our congregation’s relational activities. 

The Sabbatical Journey – Following the feedback of the congregation, 2019, is a year-long Sabbatical Journey to deepen our relationships with God, with ourselves, and with each other through intergenerational activities, exploring the beliefs of other faith communities, and taking the time to clarify our individual and collective faith journeys. 

A Logo – We began last fall with Brunch Bash discussions, leading to the development of two versions of the logo designed to capture the spirit of our Sabbatical Journey. 

Activities Coming Up – Intergenerational game nights are scheduled on January 26 and in late March.  The Easter season will feature Ash Wednesday worship stations, Seder dinner on Holy Thursday, and ecumenical Good Friday experience planned for all ages.  We welcome your suggestions for other activities related to the sabbatical theme of relationships and renewal.

All Church Retreat, September 14-15 Camp Tamarack – There is no cost for this wonderful opportunity to deepen relationships with the entire CCB faith community.  We’re delighted that 40 members have already expressed interest.  There is still time to let us know if you wish to be part of this very exciting opportunity.

As Marie Hochstein reported last Sunday, we have recruited a wonderful array of preachers and teachers who will delight us on Sundays while Pastor Louise is away (August 15-November 15).  They include:

Rev. Nicholas Hood, Senior Pastor, Detroit: Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC, Detroit

Rabbi Aaron Bergman, Senior Rabbi, Farmington Hills:  Adat Shalom Synagogue

Rev. David Conrad, Coordinator Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit

Rev. Faith Fowler, Senior Pastor and Executive Director, Detroit: Cass Avenue, United Methodist Church and Cass Community Social Services

Imam Shamshad A Nasir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Center, Rochester

Rev. Laurie O’Reilly, Head Chaplain, Detroit: V.A. Hospital, UCC clergy

Apostle Aramis Hynds, Founding Pastor, Detroit: Breakers Covenant International

Rev. Dr. S.C. Campbell Lovett, Conference Minister, Michigan Conference, United Church of Christ

Faith Community Visits – During September and October and early November you will also have the opportunity to join teams to visit other faith communities and to use those experiences to better understand who we are as a faith community. 

Please contact members of the planning team with suggestions or questions:

Bob Maxfield – Marie Hochstein – Sam Srauy – Galen Fisher – Sharon Smith – Tom Doherty – Moderator, Cynthia Martin – Pastors, Louise Ott and Liz Hoban