Our Future Church! Moving Forward!

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Future Church Update discussing the DRAFT – Work-in-Progress Church Identity Statement

Our Future Church = Moving Forward!

Following the On-site & Zoom meetings with consultant Dr. Rev. Paul Nixon on October 23-25 we are Moving Forward with a series of activities designed to help establish our common purpose & values. That will help us prepare for a period of discussion & discernment as we consider our challenges and possibilities.

Now: Capturing Common Ground

Purpose:  A statement of CCB identity; who we are as a progressive Christian community.

Values: In many cases, implicit but strongly held beliefs that are distinctive to CCB.

Community Context: Hard data that illustrates characteristics of the wider community that surrounds CCB.   

Readiness: Our willingness to embrace new ideas, acknowledge our challenges, and make sometimes difficult decisions. 

Strategies:  Possible decisions that leverage the gifts, opportunities and assets which we bring as a congregation.

Next Steps

December / January

Purpose Statement refined; mission statement remains intact.

Community Context documented; one-page report by January 31.  

Critical Values conversation during after worship social hour facilitated by Rev. Nixon.


Appreciative Inquiry clarifies our gifts, opportunities and assets for ministry. Exercise facilitated by Rev. Nixon during after worship social hour.

By the end of February, Rev. Nixon creates a strategic options document. 


A summary document created by Future Church Guidance Team is presented at an official church meeting in early spring.

Then: Imagining Different Futures

A period of Discernment – Reviewing the Challenges & Possibilities

Future Church Reference Documents

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Future Church Guidance Team

Cynthia Martin, Margherita Fisher, Ben Langhorst, Cathy Rupert, Pat Parker, Steve Olson, Sam Srauy, Amy Young