Our Future Church! Who will design our ministry for?

As we approach the 1-year mark following the conclusion of the Future Church Consultation with Paul Nixon of the Epicenter Group and the subsequent publication of his recommendations report, we can all benefit from a reminder of some of what Paul had to say to us.

A theme running throughout was that our work was not done.  That great opportunities lie ahead, but that we must act to make our future a reality.  We need to ‘Go’.  Go into the World.  Go into our hearts to find our Vision.  Go and welcome change.  There is no standing still.

So, every so often throughout 2022, we will send you a reminder of…

The Wisdom of Paul (Nixon, that is)

Who will we design our ministry for?

“I sense that the people for whom CCB will design ministry in the days ahead are largely as follows: (1) Persons of all ages who are looking for a social justice-driven Christianity or spirituality, (2) Progressive Parents who want to give their children faith in a progressive environment, and (3) Persons who have often been marginalized in terms of social power, finding community at CCB where their gifts can be received.”

Paul Nixon, CCB Future Church Consultant 2020-2021

A Vision of how we want to Bless the World…

“I believe the most pressing work ahead for [CCB] is to articulate your vision of how you want to bless the world.  This will not be especially difficult work, as you are more developed in terms of shared values than the typical congregation…  Through it all, pray that God will help you to come together in reasonable consensus to live faithfully into your values and vision…  You have learned anew in this Covid-19 season that your church transcends location and facility.  You have discovered that even without gathering at the historic church grounds, you are still fully CCB!”

Choose to be a pilgrim people

“Choose to be a pilgrim people in spit moving with God’s Spirit to places of fresh discovery and cutting-edge blessing…  Don’t cower and stand back.  Don’t circle the wagons and just enjoy the potlucks.  Stay out front and on the move.  Regardless of the outcomes, CCB should embrace its deeply held values and live into them with boldness, with joy, and in a public manner.”

Paul Nixon – From Reflections on October Consultation, dated November 2020 and Ministry Recommendations, dated April 2021

Future Church Guidance Team

Cynthia Martin, Margherita Fisher, Ben Langhorst, Cathy Rupert, Pat Parker, Steve Olson, Sam Srauy, Amy Young