Some Good (CCB) News:  New Occupant Sensing Light Switches

Some Good (CCB) News:  New Occupant Sensing Light Switches

Have you ever entered one of CCB’s restrooms or the back hallway and found the lights on?  They may have been ON for hours, or maybe even all night! Surely not intentional, but it happens with some regularity.

Thanks to our Moderator and handy guy Steve Payer, all of CCB’s restrooms and back hall now have Occupant Sensing Light Switches (OSLS).  

These motion detecting switches have the capability to be programmed to turn lights on upon entry and then turn off automatically.  Note that with our current COVID 19 protocol of keeping restroom doors propped open for air flow when not in use, lights need to be turned on manually but will go off automatically; programming will be modified when doors are kept closed. 

So, why is this ‘Good News’?  

Energy savings of course!   It may seem like a small thing, but every step helps our cherished planet earth.


Some Good (CCB) News:  Have you been enjoying Michigan’s sunny Spring (now into Summer)?

Well, atop CCB-UCC’s roof our solar panels have been happily generating lots of energy.  Enough that we have been essentially self-sufficient since April.  Generating more power than we use.  Sending power back to the grid for others to use.  Lessening our dependence on coal and natural gas power plants.

The other benefit: our DTE bills have been essentially zero!   (They can’t be literally $0 as DTE charges us a monthly connection fee).

So, lets get outside, enjoy the sun, and protect our skin with a hat and sun block.

And be thankful for photovoltaic transformation!

Some Good News thematic:  credit to John Krasinski


Some Good (CCB) News:  School’s Out for Summer!

Last week, CCB’s ‘Homework Club’ tutors celebrated a year-end pizza party with their students, parents and support staff a Casa Amiga, our sponsoring organization in Pontiac.

We are hopeful that by Fall we can bid farewell to Zoom and return to in-person tutoring at Owen Elementary School.

We are always looking for additional tutors, so watch for details on our program in the fall (prior years we tutored after school from 4 PM – 5:30 PM on Tues & Thurs (basic reading and math—nothing complicated!)


Shown:  Chris Mead, Bob & Sara Maxfield, Susan McCubbrey, Steve Olson, Lynn Wilsher.