Outdoor Worship – Live and In-Person

Live & In Person!

Outdoor Worship Resumes for the Spring & Summer


(Weather Permitting, as always)

Masks:   Yes, we will still be wearing masks.

Seating:  Please bring your own lawn chairs if you are able and set them up with 6 feet between households.  Our usual outdoor chairs will be set up and available for those who visit or cannot carry chairs on their own.

If Rain Is Predicted:  You will receive an email from the church on Saturday at 6pm, if rain is predicted for Sunday.  That means we all stay home.  (Not getting the church emails?  Contact the church office to be included).


Streaming Option Continues

Prefer to Watch?  Out-of-town?

Stream a new weekly recorded Worship each Sunday by going to CCB’s YouTube Channel:


You can also use this link anytime you’d like to watch previously recorded worship services.