Shop Amazon Smile

Amazon will donate .5% of the money you spend on to CCB

Initial Set Up

Go to (instead of

A blue introduction screen to Smile Amazon will appear

Click on ‘Get Started’

Search for ‘Congregational Church of Birmingham’ and hit select

A normal Amazon sign-on screen will appear

Sign-on into Amazon as normal

The top left of the screen will show ‘Supporting Congregational…’

You can click on the arrow to the right to find out how much money has been generated by you.  (There is a time lag before your purchases show up there.)

From then on, every time you want to order from Amazon, make sure you log into

www.Smile.Amazon.Com (Not Amazon.Com)

Shop as you normally would have on  All information relating to prices, prime membership, order history, shopping cart contents and payment information remains the same.

If you already use Smile Amazon, you can easily change your benefit organization to CCB on the ‘Supporting’ screen, if you decide to do so!  Please also encourage your family and friends to support CCB on Smile Amazon!

If you have any questions, please call Pat Parker.