Lenten Adult Study & Worship Theme

Lenten Adult Education: Starting February 14

Our Lenten Worship Theme & Adult Study comes from the Sanctified Art Series “Full to the Brim.”  Two adult education classes drawn from the series devotional will be offered.   

10:30 AM Wednesdays

Pastor Shane will lead an in person and/or Zoom study at 10:30 AM Wednesdays starting February 14.  It will focus on the text(s) for the upcoming Sunday and explore the art from the devotional.

6:30 PM Thursdays

Carmel will lead a Zoom only study at 6:30 PM Thursdays beginning February 15.  This study will be more reflective and meditative, but will also cover the text for the upcoming Sunday’s worship.  Carmel’s group will receive a list of “materials” needed for each gathering in the prior Friday’s Weekly E-Update.

It’s possible to attend BOTH studies and have very different experiences!  A Lenten Devotional for the studies (or for your own use) is available at church.