Worship:  Sundays at 10 AM

Sunday service begins at 10:00 a.m. and usually includes a scripture lesson, times for prayers, inspiring organ & choral music, congregational hymn singing, and a sermon offered by our pastor.

Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month and all who love Christ are welcome to participate.

Children attend for a portion of the service and then adjourn to experience age appropriate Christian education.

A nursery is always available for infants and toddlers.

Coffee Hour and the monthly ‘Brunch Bash’ provide an opportunity for fellowship after the worship.

We Celebrate the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism

In the United Church of Christ and in this local church, communion is open to all regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation – all Christ’s people are welcome here.  We believe that God acts through this holy meal and that something mysterious happens within us, changing us and nurturing our bodies and spirits.

The sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God. Through baptism a person is joined with the universal church and the body of Christ. In baptism, God works in us the power of forgiveness, the renewal of the spirit, and the knowledge of the call to be God’s people always. Baptism is for persons of all ages – from infant to adult.