Sermon Recordings

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‘Wasted, Broken, Loved’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (7.25.2021)

‘The Shining One’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (7.18.2021)

‘Yachal’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (7.11.2021)

‘Heart-Wise’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (7.4.2021)

‘Hope in God’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (6.27.2021)

‘Strength and Peace’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (6.20.2021)

‘No Hiding’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (6.13.2021)

‘These Lives Are Precious’ – Rev. Louise R. Ott (6.6.2021)

‘Pentecost: The Spirit for Being God’s Love’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (5.30.2021)

‘A Pentecost Witness’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (5.23.2021)

‘Two Books’ Dr. Carmel Tinnes (5.16.2021)

‘State of Creation’ Rev. Jim Antal (5.9.2021)

‘Grounded’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (5.2.2021)

‘Remember’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (4.25.2021)

‘Drenched’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (4.18.2021)

‘Kiss the Ground’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (4.11.2021)

‘The Gift of Misfits: “Now What?” ‘     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (4.4.2021)

‘The Gift of Disappearing’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (3.28.2021)

‘The Gift of Being Thunderstruck’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (3.21.2021)

‘Gift of Temptation’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (3.14.2021)

‘Gift of Emptiness’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (3.7.2021)

‘Gift of Getting Lost’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (2.28.2021)

‘Uncertainty’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (2.21.2021)

‘Be Together’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (2.14.2021)

‘Be Brave’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (2.7.2021)

‘Be Known’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (1.31.2021)

‘Be Family’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (1.24.2021)

‘Be There’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (1.17.2021)

‘Defining Moments’     Rev. Greg Larsen     (1.10.2021)

‘God Bless Us, Everyone!’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (01.03.2021)

‘Keeping Christmas Well’ Rev. Louise R. Ott (12.27.2020)

‘Future: Defying Death!’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.20.2020)

‘Present: Look! Love!’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.13.2020)

‘Past: Hope from Heartbreak’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.6.2020)

‘Bah Humbug: God’s Economy’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (11.29.2020)

‘Looking with Gratitude’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (11.22.2020)

‘Looking In or Out’     Dr. Carmel Tinnes     (11.15.2020)

‘Looking for Light’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (11.8.2020)

‘Looking Back with New Eyes’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (11.1.2020)

‘Why Black Lives Matter’     Dr. Selma Massey     (10.25.2020)

‘We Walk in Beauty’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (10.18.2020)

‘Don’t Ask Why’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (10.11.2020)

‘People Don’t Ha​ve Idol Hands’     Rabbi Rabbi Aaron Bergman     (10.3.2020)

‘Because of Beauty’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (9.27.2020)

‘Even at Night’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (9.20.2020)

‘Deep Waters’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (9.13.2020)

‘What Are We Doing While We Are Here?’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (9.6.2020)

‘Living Seeds’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (8.30.2020)

‘All the Seeds, One People’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (8.23.2020)

‘Seeds Enough for All’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (8.16.2020)

‘Seeds of Plenty’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (8.9.2020)

‘Seeds and Yest’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (8.2.2020)

‘Seeds at Work’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (7.26.2020)

‘Seeds of Good and Evil’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (7.18.2020)

‘Seeds Unplanted’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (7.12.2020)

‘Seeds of Karma’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (7.5.2020)

‘The Seed of Character’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (6.28.2020)

‘Seeds for a Party’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (6.21.2020)


‘No Seed Wasted’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (6.14.2020)

‘Wheat Seeds’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (6.7.2020)

‘The Heart of the Matter’    Rev. Louise R. Ott     (5.31.2020)

‘Open the Eyes of My Heart’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (5.24.2020)

‘Kept in Our Hearts’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (5.17.2020)

‘Untroubled Hearts’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (5.10.2020)

‘Hearts on Fire’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (5.3.2020)

‘Straight from the Heart’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (4.26.2020)

‘With Glad Hearts’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (4.19.2020) 

‘Love is My Religion’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (4.12.2020)

‘The Garden: Risking Temptation’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (4.5.2020)

‘The Last Supper: Risking the Loss of Friends’

Rev. Louise R. Ott     (3.29.2020)

‘The Teaching: Risking Challenge’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (3.15.2020)

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‘The Temple: Risking Righteous Anger’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (3.8.2020)

‘Risking Reputation’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (3.1.2020)

‘Loving the Unloving’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (2.23.2020)

‘The Body Beautiful’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (2.16.2020)

‘Making Peace First’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (2.9.2020)

‘Walk with Me’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (1.26.2020)

‘United or Untied’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (1.19.2020)

‘Light Up Your World’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (1.12.2020)

‘Seeing with Our Hearts’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (1.05.2020)

‘Waiting at Borders’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.29.2019)

’12 Days of Christmas’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.22.2019)

‘Angels Among Us’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.16.2019)

‘Let the People Sing in Harmony’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.8.2019)

‘Make Us Your Candle’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.1.2019)

‘Together, We Are Fed’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (11.24.2019)

Deepening Relationship, Giving Joyfully Our Giving Commitment Season (11.17.2019)

‘Cultivation of Relationships and Stewardship’
Rev. Dr. Nicholas hood, III     (11.10.2019)

‘In Our Hands’     Rev. Linda Anderson     (11.3.2019)

‘The Care the Eagle Gives Her Young’     Rabbi Aaron Bergman    10.27.2019

Sermon by Imam Shamshad A. Nasir     10.20.2019

Sermon by Rev. Faith Fowler     10.13.2019

‘Only God Slakes out Thirst’     Rev. David Conrad     9.29.2019

‘The Power of Confession’     Apostle Aramis Hinds     9.22.2019

‘Overlooked’ Rev. Dr. S.C. Campbell Lovett (9.8.2019)

Sermon by Rev. Linda K. Anderson     8.25.2019

‘Mrs. Peter Speaks’     Rev. Penny L. Lowes     8.18.2019

‘Crossing Together’     Rev. Linda K. Anderson     8.11.2019

‘The Jewish Wisdom of Jesus’     Hazzan Steve Klaper     8.4.2019

‘Life is Today’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     7.28.2019

‘Life is Blessing Others’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     7.21.2019

‘Life is Being Known’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     7.14.2019

‘Life Laid Down’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     7.7.2019

‘A Life of Deeper Wealth’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     6.16.2019

‘From the Upper Room to the Streets’     Rev. Bill Wylie-Keller     6.9.2019

‘It’s Lily Time!’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     6.2.2019

Cantata Sunday (Scripture Reading and Narration)     5.19.2019

Scripture reading: Rev. Louise R. Ott     Narration: Tim McGookey

‘Do You Love Me’     Rev. Louse R. Ott     5.12.2019

‘Love Lives On’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     5.5.2019

‘On the Way’     Rev. Liz Hoban     4.28.2019

‘Tomb Raiders’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     4.21.2019


‘Jerusalem: If Only’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     4.14.2019

‘Bethany: Footwork’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     4.7.2019

‘Home: The Inside Journey’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     3.31.2019

‘From Place to Place: Going with a Purpose’     Rev. Jeremy Grant     3.24.2019

‘Wilderness: Internal Journey’
Rev. Louise R. Ott     Rev. Elizabeth Hoban     3.17.2019

‘Nazareth:  Growing Up’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     3.10.2019

‘Surprised by the Reflection’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     3.3.2019

‘Surprised by the Reversal’     Rev. Elizabeth Hoban     2.17.2019

‘Surprised by the Possibilities’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     2.10.2019

‘Surprised by the Call’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     2.3.2019

‘Surprised by the Rejection’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     1.27.2019

‘Surprised by the Request’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     1.20.2019

‘Surprised by the Journey’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     1.6.2019

‘Being Love’       Rev. Louise R. Ott       12.23.2018

‘Stirring the Spirit’    Rev. Elizabeth Hoban      12.09.2018

‘Waking the Heart’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     12.02.2018

‘Pour It On’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     11.25.2018

‘We Just Want to Have Fun’     Cynthia Martin     11.18.2018

‘The Kid Next Door’    Rev. Louise R. Ott    11.11.2018

‘Living in a Material World’    Rev. Louise R. Ott     11.04.2018

‘What One?  What Kind?  How Many’    Rev. Louise R. Ott    10.28.2018

‘Speeding Tickets’    Rev. Elizabeth Hoban    10.21.2018

Rev. Louise R. Ott

‘Destruction Zone’    Rev. Louise R. Ott    10.14.2018

‘Dropping Pretense’    Rev. Louise R. Ott    10.07.2018   (From our worship service about Stephen Ministry)

Guest:  Rev. Dr. Robert Cornwall



‘Healing Power of Prayer’   Rev. Dr. Robert Cornwall    09.30.2018

‘Paralysis Analysis’     Rev. Louise Ott    09.23.2018

‘God’s Recruiting Process’     Rev. Louise Ott   09.16.2018

‘Choosing & Chosen’    Rev. Louise Ott    09.09.2018

‘Jesus Turns the Tables’    Rev. Louise R. Ott     08.19.2018

‘Crumby Treatment’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     08.12.2018

‘Sell Fish or Giving Bread?’    Rev. Zondra L. Taylor    07.29.2018

‘Feral Jesus’    Rev. Ott     07.08.2018

‘Pride or Prejudice?’   Rev. Ott    07.01.2018

‘Redefining ALL’    Rev. Ott     06.24.2018

‘Men at Work’    Rev. Ott    06.17.2018

‘Blessed Are the Crazy’    Rev. Ott     06.10.2018

‘Well Preserved’    Rev. Hoban    05.27.2018

‘Beyond Words’    Rev. Ott    05.20.2018

‘Let There Be Rest’     Rev. Ott    05.13.2018

Our (Green) Future    Nancy Schermerhorn – Steve Olson – Cathy Rupert   05.06.2018

‘The Cross’   Rev. Edward Pinkney   04.29.2018

‘Let There Be Questions’   Rev. Ott   04.22.2018

‘Let There Be Love’    Rev. Ott    04.15.2018

‘Let There Be Repentance’   Rev. Hoban    04.08.2018

‘To Taste Life’    Rev. Ott     03.25.2018   (Palm Sunday)

‘To Smell Death’   Rev. Ott    03.18.2018

‘To be Touched’     Rev. Ott     03.11.2018

‘To be Tempted’      Rev. Ott     03.04.2018

‘Walk this Way’        Rev. Ott       02.04.2018

‘Soothe a Savage’          Rev. Ott          01.28.2018

‘Lighten Up’          Rev. Hoban      01.02.2018