Sermon Recordings – 2019

‘Waiting at Borders’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.29.2019)

’12 Days of Christmas’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.22.2019)

‘Angels Among Us’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.16.2019)

‘Let the People Sing in Harmony’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.8.2019)

‘Make Us Your Candle’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (12.1.2019)

‘Together, We Are Fed’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     (11.24.2019)

Deepening Relationship, Giving Joyfully Our Giving Commitment Season (11.17.2019)

‘Cultivation of Relationships and Stewardship’
Rev. Dr. Nicholas hood, III     (11.10.2019)

‘In Our Hands’     Rev. Linda Anderson     (11.3.2019)

‘The Care the Eagle Gives Her Young’     Rabbi Aaron Bergman    10.27.2019

Sermon by Imam Shamshad A. Nasir     10.20.2019

Sermon by Rev. Faith Fowler     10.13.2019

‘Only God Slakes out Thirst’     Rev. David Conrad     9.29.2019

‘The Power of Confession’     Apostle Aramis Hinds     9.22.2019

‘Overlooked’ Rev. Dr. S.C. Campbell Lovett (9.8.2019)

Sermon by Rev. Linda K. Anderson     8.25.2019

‘Mrs. Peter Speaks’     Rev. Penny L. Lowes     8.18.2019

‘Crossing Together’     Rev. Linda K. Anderson     8.11.2019

‘The Jewish Wisdom of Jesus’     Hazzan Steve Klaper     8.4.2019

‘Life is Today’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     7.28.2019

‘Life is Blessing Others’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     7.21.2019

‘Life is Being Known’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     7.14.2019

‘Life Laid Down’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     7.7.2019

‘A Life of Deeper Wealth’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     6.16.2019

‘From the Upper Room to the Streets’     Rev. Bill Wylie-Keller     6.9.2019

‘It’s Lily Time!’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     6.2.2019

Cantata Sunday (Scripture Reading and Narration)     5.19.2019

Scripture reading: Rev. Louise R. Ott     Narration: Tim McGookey

‘Do You Love Me’     Rev. Louse R. Ott     5.12.2019

‘Love Lives On’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     5.5.2019

‘On the Way’     Rev. Liz Hoban     4.28.2019

‘Tomb Raiders’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     4.21.2019


‘Jerusalem: If Only’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     4.14.2019

‘Bethany: Footwork’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     4.7.2019

‘Home: The Inside Journey’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     3.31.2019

‘From Place to Place: Going with a Purpose’     Rev. Jeremy Grant     3.24.2019

‘Wilderness: Internal Journey’
Rev. Louise R. Ott     Rev. Elizabeth Hoban     3.17.2019

‘Nazareth:  Growing Up’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     3.10.2019

‘Surprised by the Reflection’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     3.3.2019

‘Surprised by the Reversal’     Rev. Elizabeth Hoban     2.17.2019

‘Surprised by the Possibilities’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     2.10.2019

‘Surprised by the Call’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     2.3.2019

‘Surprised by the Rejection’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     1.27.2019

‘Surprised by the Request’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     1.20.2019

‘Surprised by the Journey’     Rev. Louise R. Ott     1.6.2019