Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practices?  RIGHT!

Our spiritual lives are not limited to Sunday morning. Or the Sanctuary.  But rather taken into the world, and integrated into the fabric of our lives.

You could say our Spiritual Practices are as diverse as we are.

Social Justice

The UCC calls for:  A Just World for All.  And we are there.  Marching. Advocating.  Speaking out.  For Water as a Human Right, Women’s Rights, Fighting Racism, Poor People’s Campaign, Reproductive Rights Justice, and the like.





Green Ministry

We are called to protect and restore our world… What we do: The Green Screen Film Series, Local Foods Brunch Bash, incorporating energy efficiency in the church and member’s homes and more.

Tutoring:  Elementary students, Pontiac

Our volunteers support an after-school educational enrichment program for vulnerable Hispanic students:  building skills in reading and math and helping with homework.