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Lighthouse Foundation

We’ve begun to establish an on-going, hands-on relationship with Lighthouse in Pontiac. In the near future members of our committee will meet with Lighthouse’s Partnership Coordinators to begin shaping on-going activities which will engage members of all ages in the important work of Lighthouse.

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Coordinator of Community Engagement at OU

We’ve established contact with Dr. David Dulio, Coordinator of Community Engagement at Oakland University, to advise us on launching what could be a monthly series of facilitated regional conversations about issues of current interest. 


Get Out the Vote

Our commitment to supporting the Detroit Metropolitan Association’s region wide “Get Out the Vote” campaign will begin in early June at a Comma Conversation when Paul von Oeyen introduces Ms. Nomi Joyrich, who is one of the leaders of the “Get Out the Vote” campaign in the Detroit area.

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